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Forget the Cloud and be embraced by the Fog

Fredrik Malmborg  2010 January 20 16:03:17
The Cloud can provide you with services without you having to know how it works inside. But still you must know how to connect to it and what cloud you should connect to. And of course, if you should.
The Fog (Future Of Groupware) will embrace you, it will connect to you from all directions.
IBM Lotus has communicated their latest vision "IBM Project Vulcan". It is not a product, it is not the next release of Lotus Notes. But it is what IBM finds when they look into the future. It is about letting the software help you find and use related information/people from multiple sources. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Wave and Lotus Connections are definitely setting the agenda for many discussions about the future. Project Vulcan seams to head in that direction as well.

Next version of Lotus Notes should be 8.5.2. Looks like it will put even more focus on xPages. Maybe Symphony 3.0 will be included as well. It is the upcomming new version of the free office suite from IBM based on OpenOffice.

Ed Brill says "We made no formal announcement of the next version of Notes/Domino but said that Notes would start to become "Vulcanized" after 8.5.2 and start to appear in 2011."

Lotusphere is still ongoing, so there will be more exciting news.
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