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OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

Fredrik Malmborg  2012 May 28 13:58:01
Lately I have been comming up to speed with my own learning of XPages.

There  are many resources but unfortunately it seems like many are not updated with latest changes and features. The resource that helped me most so far was the OpenNTF project "XPages Framework".

I already had some knowledge about what you can do with XPages, but I had not yet really understood how you put together a nice base for an application with XPages. I knew I wanted something with OneUI.

XPages Framework could be the answer and it was. Even if it took time to get to where I wanted.
Problem was that I could not get the View Panel to look good. I had searched for solution without luck.

Image:OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

Finally I read the instructions for the framework again and noticed that the version of OneUI used by the themes was v2 and not v2.1 and they were not complete. New search to find out how to complete the theme. Found some interesting reading in a RedBook Wiki. But still it felt more complicated that I thought it should be.

Finally I rebooted my brain and got a new idea. What if I write "oneuiv2.1" in the theme field in Application Properties. Yes, it works!

Image:OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

My conclusion is to use "oneuiv2.1" as theme in the XPages Framework if you have Notes/Domino 8.5.3 or later. The added Themes in the framework design does explain some features but for me as a beginner it is more confusing than using the standard.

1Patrick Kwinten  2012-05-28 17:04:22  OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

why not use the application layout control for the oneuiv2.1 ?

less design elements = hopefully less support.

2David Leedy  2012-05-29 03:26:04  OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

I would suggest that if your able to use ect. Library then go right into the app layout control. It makes the framework very easy to deal with.

If you can use ext. library then I'd skip oneUi all together and use blueprint CSS or one of the newer off shoots like twitter bootstrap framework.

I've done screencasts on notesin9.com on some of these frameworks.

3Fredrik Malmborg  2012-05-29 09:40:17  OpenNTF - XPages Framework and OneUI

Thank you for your good advice, I will try the application layout control as well.

Maybe it is stupid but I like to try the old way before I go with the new. Then I think I get a better understanding and can make better decisions later on.