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New inspiration to blog

Fredrik Malmborg  2016 March 12 14:29:24
Almost two years have gone since last blog post, a lot has happened since then.

First of all I got employed by PSK Syd AB in December 2014. So good to be part of a team again and this one specifically. We got loads of work to be done that can look overwhelming but we are a positive crew with some great ideas and inspiration.

As this was not enough we just started on our journey to go from traditional adhoc Domino development to using JIRA for our projects. We also decided to give Sencha ExtJS a chance to show what it can give us. Looks very promising. And no we are not leaving IBM Domino behind us, we still want our data to be there and there will still be applications running with Domino forms for many years ahead. The company has been using IBM Notes and Domino almost since it was established in 1988. Found an original package of Notes 3 here the other day.

We got some nice things to share with you so I will be doing that further on. The intention is also to tell you about our experiences from giving Sencha, JIRA, BitBucket and Confluence a go.

Watching what is happening within IBM Collaboration Solutions makes me glad and inspired. It is fresh and promising. Seeing Ed Brill back is like a rebirth of a lost friend professionaly.

I will be joining Engage in Eindhoven together with a collegue of mine, looking forward to see you !

1Patrick Kwinten  2016-03-14 09:26:36  New inspiration to blog

Hi Fredrik, hope to see you at engage.

looking forward to hear about your best pratices using bitbucket/source control in Domino development